Community Supported Agriculture

Our CSA orientation is June 7, 5:30–7:30 p.m. Please bring your family and join us for an evening at the Farm. See your summer vegetables growing! Enjoy hors d’oeuvres, taste a leaf of sweet fennel or sour sorrel as we stroll the fields and meet our hard-working interns. We’ll explain our pickup system and you’ll have the opportunity to signup for optional add-on shares. These will be delicious ways to support other local producers, and an opportunity to collect an even more abundant basket each week. At the end of the evening, take home your first vegetables of this season! Or, drop by the Bainbridge Farmer’s Market and say hello! (subscribers received an email from Rebecca with additional details.)

Farmers with freshly harvested radishes

Shares Available

We are very excited to see this program starting for another glorious season. If you know of others who might be interested in joining us, please spread the word that shares are still available. If you refer someone who subscribes, we’ll thank you with a free box of veggies and, of course, a huge hug and many thanks.

We look forward to meeting all of our new subscribers and seeing the familiar faces of friends and neighbors. Contact Rebecca if you have questions. And be sure to follow us on Instagram @persephonefarmer!

fresh tender peashoot



Sooner or later the rain will stop, right?

The peas will inch up their waiting trellises, the carrots will be more than orange threads and the dahlias will burst above the soil surface. No one knows better than the farmers what an UNUSUAL spring this has been.

The intrepid interns and I have been suiting up in our raingear and heading out into the fields in anticipation of the start of the CSA on June 7th. Surely there will be bounty by then. Lots of vibrant green goodness!

We’d love to have you join us for another season of Community Supported Agriculture. Your subscription keeps our little farm chugging along.

Sign up here!

Or, if you’re ready for an early season infusion of freshness, come on by our booth at the Bainbridge Island Farmer’s Market on Saturdays between 9-1. There you can pay by cash, check or credit card and take advantage of the 10% subscriber discount.

Rebecca and the interns brave the soggy spring weather.

We’d love to see you and introduce you to the wonderful new team of aspiring young farmers: Sean, Amanda, Chelsea and Mackenzie, all hailing from points East. You can do me a favor and assure them that, yes, it does eventually warm up and become beautiful in the Pacific Northwest. I think they’re starting to worry the gray skies will never lift and our boots will remain permanently attached to our feet.

New this season are some gloriously beautiful new flower varieties, the return of our cherished French Pink garlic, English shelling peas, several hefty heirloom tomatoes we’ve never grown before and the installation of a new well!

Please tell your friends about Persephone. Your referrals will be rewarded with an extra box of veggies. And our heartfelt gratitude.

Thank you for supporting local farming,

Rebecca and Team Persephone

End of the Season

Rainbow over Persephone Farm

A rainbow over our last CSA harvest yesterday.

Happy (last) CSA Wednesday, everybody! What a season! As the CSA wraps up this week, so does our season here at Persephone. Our last official day of work is Friday, then we’ll all move on to our next steps in the next week or so. Looking back over the past 8 months it is really incredible how much this farm has transformed. Brand new areas have been turned into productive farmland, and all of us workers have grown and learned so much valuable knowledge. This week we’re wrapping up any loose ends, getting as much cover crop in the ground as possible, and harvesting our last rounds of flowers and vegetables. The weather today is a nice full-circle reminder of when we got here at the end of February, and the farm is starting to look more and more like it did when we arrived. Our few over-wintering crops are being prepped for colder temperatures to come, some by being nestled in the greenhouses or others by being sprayed with a cold-toughening kelp spray.

Five Persephone farmers posing with flowers

A throwback to one of our late Fridays making bouquets for market as a crew! From left to right, Brian, Kristina, Rebecca, Taylor, and Brooklyn, Persephone crew 2016

We hope that you all have enjoyed sharing in the bounty of the season with us. By supporting our farm you have allowed all of us flower-novices to learn the full cycle of flower growing, harvesting, and arranging — an experience we will all cherish for a long time. We have also all learned so much about vegetable production as well, and have been exposed to delicious regional treats such as pea shoots, sweet turnips and purple sprouting broccoli! From all of us at Persephone Farm 2016, including all of our pollinators like the one below, we would like to thank you for your kind words and continued support, and hope that you have a nice and relaxing winter.

– 2016 Persephone Interns

Farmer Rebecca holding a flower with a honeybee

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Yellow and green summer squash

Summer squash ready for our CSA subscribers

Summer squash means it must be summer, right? We were warned about “Juneuary” but “Januly” is a whole different story. Luckily today seems to be warming back up – this sun is definitely a sight for sore eyes. This week we welcomed some new and old faces to the farm! Previous years’ interns stopped by to help out around the farm, and two new interns have been added to the mix (welcome Kris and Gracie). Be sure to say hello if you see them!

If you stopped by the Bainbridge Island Farmers market on Saturday (or saw our Facebook page), you already know we set a new Persephone Farm record of sweet pea bunches – 63! Those and all the other flowers bursting into bloom have been keeping us plenty busy, and us interns are getting to learn more about the flowers and how to harvest them. The most exciting part to me, though, is getting to use them in bouquets! Our intern bouquet making school, taught by Rebecca, is always a highlight of our Wednesdays and Fridays, and we hope you all are loving the beautiful flowers! Here are some pictures of our flowers we harvested this morning, and some of the bouquets we’ve made so far

-Intern Taylor
(Persephone’s note – Brian and Brooklyn are our other awesome 2016 Interns.)

CSA subscriber bouquets at Persephone Farm in Indianola , WA

CSA subscriber bouquets waiting for pickup

Freshly harvested flowers ready for bouquet making lesson

Freshly harvested flowers ready for our bouquet making lesson

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Tomato harvest

The interns’ first tomato harvest!

Hope everyone had a great Fourth of July! We had a lovely day of harvesting salad greens and lavender before our community dinner and fireworks over the water. Over the past few weeks our greenhouse and hardening off tables (where young plants live in between the greenhouse and moving to the great outdoors) have been getting emptier and emptier as the last of our summer crops and successions are moving to their permanent homes. The last plants waiting patiently (some more patient than others) that we have been working on transplanting this week are beans, sunflowers, cauliflower, broccoli, and a few others.

We’re sad to see some of our favorites, such as raspberries, on their way out but are so excited to be learning about new vegetables and flowers! This week us interns learned about harvesting tomatoes, string beans, and summer squash, and soon even more summer delights such as peppers will be on the list! Hopefully our subscribers enjoy some new sights in their boxes this week!

– Intern Taylor

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