I’m in Time Magazine!

Rebecca in Fidelity Ad with Fidel Castro on Time Magazine cover

It was wild to get a call that Fidelity Investments wanted to use my image for an ad campaign! You just never know what’s going to come your way. The ad is in this week’s Time Magazine, the one with Fidel on the cover!

Here’s the story: last summer, a fashion photographer from NYC, Brian Doben, contacted us and asked if he could shoot some pictures at Persephone for a personal project he calls the “At Work” project. www.atworkproject.com

He seeks to photograph people in all sorts of occupations who are passionate about their work.
That sure fits us; so we said yes.

Here are a few images from our day together.

Happy female farmer

Photo by Brian Doben Photography

Female farmer tending the crops

Photo by Brian Doben Photography

Out of the blue, a year later, Brian contacted me again and this time asked for my permission to have one of the images used by Fidelity. I guess, rather than feeling old (a retirement ad? Really? Me? Already?) I should look at the message as a positive one: if you plan now for your retirement, you too, could be living the dream of owning a beautiful small farm, dirty fingernails and all.

BTW that score of 81 is bogus. I never even took the test. It’s just an ad!

But, in case you’re wondering, yes they did pay me for the picture. And I gotta say, it was easier money than bunching the equivalent amount of carrots.

Feel free to contact me for more modelling gigs. ;-)

Livin the dream,