Persephone Farm grows flowers!

Rebecca and buckets of white flowers

Rebecca prepares for a white wedding!

I keep seeing references to local flowers. Debra Prinzing’s new book “The 50 Mile Bouquet” is all about seasonal, local and sustainable flowers. That’s the subtitle! Well it sure makes sense. Why celebrate your love with roses shipped all the way from South America. Think of the carbon footprint on that bouquet. Yikes! Anyway Persephone Farm has been growing and providing flowers for years. CSA subscribers get bouquets and are told not to feel guilty about it. The flower beds and borders aren’t just for their beauty, but also for their ability to attract precious pollinators and beneficial insects to the farm. They add diversity to the crop rotations.

Besides subscribers, brides and other folks can get Persephone flowers for special occasions, weddings, anniversary parties and such. Learn more about their flowers for special occasions in Kitsap County.

Usually there are plenty of pretty seasonal bouquets to choose from at Persephone’s booth at the Bainbridge Island farmers market. Go ahead pick out one for your honey. Feel good and enjoy your local flowers!

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