Sauteed Frisee

Our first full-week CSA pickup included Frisee, a wonderful salad green. Our friend, Abra Bennett, a professional chef and blogger at French Letters gave us this Frisee recipe. We thought we’d share it with you.

Sautéed Frisée

Recipe By: Abra Bennett for Persephone Farm

1  Large head very fresh frisée
1  T  olive oil
1  T  bacon fat (or use 2 T olive oil)
1  T  water
3  Cloves garlic
1  T  lemon juice
1  T  heavy cream
salt and pepper to taste

Chop the frisée, not too finely. Heat olive oil and bacon fat in a large
skillet with a tightly-fitting lid. Add the frisée to the fat in the pan,
add the water, cover tightly, and let simmer 3-4 minutes, stirring
occasionally, until thoroughly wilted.

Remove lid, add garlic, and sauté another minute or two. Add lemon juice
and sauté to combine. Add cream and sauté to combine. Taste for salt and

The greens will be slightly bitter and piquant. They’re delicious with rich
foods like duck, pork, macaroni and cheese, or stirred into a bowl of penne.

Serves one person who really loves greens, or two more reasonable people.

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