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End of the Season

Rainbow over Persephone Farm

A rainbow over our last CSA harvest yesterday.

Happy (last) CSA Wednesday, everybody! What a season! As the CSA wraps up this week, so does our season here at Persephone. Our last official day of work is Friday, then we’ll all move on to our next steps in the next week or so. Looking back over the past 8 months it is really incredible how much this farm has transformed. Brand new areas have been turned into productive farmland, and all of us workers have grown and learned so much valuable knowledge. This week we’re wrapping up any loose ends, getting as much cover crop in the ground as possible, and harvesting our last rounds of flowers and vegetables. The weather today is a nice full-circle reminder of when we got here at the end of February, and the farm is starting to look more and more like it did when we arrived. Our few over-wintering crops are being prepped for colder temperatures to come, some by being nestled in the greenhouses or others by being sprayed with a cold-toughening kelp spray.

Five Persephone farmers posing with flowers

A throwback to one of our late Fridays making bouquets for market as a crew! From left to right, Brian, Kristina, Rebecca, Taylor, and Brooklyn, Persephone crew 2016

We hope that you all have enjoyed sharing in the bounty of the season with us. By supporting our farm you have allowed all of us flower-novices to learn the full cycle of flower growing, harvesting, and arranging — an experience we will all cherish for a long time. We have also all learned so much about vegetable production as well, and have been exposed to delicious regional treats such as pea shoots, sweet turnips and purple sprouting broccoli! From all of us at Persephone Farm 2016, including all of our pollinators like the one below, we would like to thank you for your kind words and continued support, and hope that you have a nice and relaxing winter.

– 2016 Persephone Interns

Farmer Rebecca holding a flower with a honeybee

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Subscriber boxes waiting for pickup late last summer

First pickup and orientation is June 5th

Hors D’oeuvres • Lots of New Information • Garden Tour • First Produce Pickup

Shares still available! If you know of anyone who might be interested in joining us, please spread the word.

CSA subscribers: You are invited to bring your family and join us for an evening at the farm. Wednesday, June 5, 5:30 – 7:30 pm. See your summer vegetables growing! Taste a leaf of sweet Fennel or sour Sorrel as you stroll the fields. (No dogs please. Our chickens and peacocks are free-ranging) It is quite important that at least one member of each subscriber household attend. After this meeting, our pickups will be on a self-serve basis and must run smoothly for everyone to get his/her share of the just-harvested bounty.

We’ll explain the system at the orientation, as well as sign you up for bread, cheese or egg shares, or other delectable additions to our own farm’s harvest, if you’re interested. Each of these is an add-on to the CSA, a delicious way to support local producers, and an opportunity to collect an even more abundant basket each week.

Your first vegetables of this season will be ready for you to take home. The distribution will come at the end of the evening for new subscribers. Returnees may pay their balance, grab veggies and go if you like. Bring a bag or box to carry your bounty down the driveway. Please park on Midway or in the designated pasture area halfway up the drive. Our parking area at the orientation site is limited, please, to those who cannot make the 100-yard walk up the hill.

Your final payment will be due at the orientation. Most full shares have already paid a $250 deposit—the balance is $400. Split shares sent a $150 deposit and have $350 remaining. Checks should be made payable to Rebecca Slattery (Bainbridge Island) or Louisa Brown (Indianola).

Rebecca, Louisa, Bill and our apprentices are very excited to see this program starting for another glorious season. We look forward to meeting all our new subscribers and seeing the familiar faces of friends and neighbors.

If you have any questions, please call Rebecca at (360) 297-1877.
PERSEPHONE (Greek Goddess of Spring, Flowers, and Rebirth)

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All of our subscribers are requested to attend our  CSA orientation on Wednesday, June 2 from 5:30 until 7:30 at our farm in Indianola. Important information regarding how our CSA operates and how to pick up your veggies  will be covered in a presentation.  You will be asked to pay the balance of your share, and will be given the opportunity to sign up for add on shares on a first come first serve basis.  You will pick up your  bag of delicious food at our farm orientation, note, no pick up at the Johnson farm the first week.  You have an opportunity to look around the farm and meet our new interns.  To make the whole thing even more enjoyable, we will provide farm fresh appetizers.  We are looking forward to seeing you there.