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Rebecca and white wedding flowers

Rebecca prepares for a white wedding!

Persephone Farm is proud to offer our fabulous fresh flowers by the bucket or pre-arranged for weddings and special events. We primarily serve Kitsap County, but occasionally venture farther afield for large parties.

colorful bridal bouquet

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No traditional florist can match the just-picked quality of seasonal blossoms straight from the garden. We grow many dozens of varieties of annuals, perennials, herbs, bulbs, shrubs, ornamental grasses and unusual specialty materials using organic practices on our farm in Indianola. See a photo gallery of our wedding flowers.

As trained floral designers, we are able to offer a full range of wedding decorations and personal flowers. Popular looks include the old fashioned garden wedding to today’s emphasis on simple elegance. Every project is custom created in a collaborative choreography between your specific vision and the rhythm of the seasons.

Naturally, we are able to purchase wholesale flowers from the far reaches of the earth (and occasionally do for a special request, sentimental meaning, or particular effect.) But this is not what makes Persephone Farm flowers special. Our niche is sustainably grown local flowers from our farm which celebrate the abundant possibilities of our temperate maritime Puget Sound growing region.

A highlight for many couples is a visit to the farm to stroll through the fields, getting to select favorite flower combinations. This is great to do a week or two prior to the wedding to get a feel for what’s available just then. Brides, grooms, mothers and others have all told us that, in retrospect, their visit to Persephone Farm was the most enjoyable check mark they put on their wedding To Do list.

We are not a U-Pick. But we will gladly harvest buckets of blossoms for you if you would like to do your own arranging. Prices and availability vary seasonally. Please call or email for specifics. (360) 265-1711 or

Buckets of mixed, fresh, seasonal materials in an array of colors is the least expensive (and most fun!) option. Having friends and family join in the pleasure of arranging flowers can not only save money but become a memorable activity. Just a word to the wise: Don’t underestimate the time involved. The ephemeral beauty of fresh flowers dictates that everything is best left to the last minute!

“Temptation is the seed catalog in January.”

Ralph Waldo Emerson

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